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Level access tray safeguards independent showering for users with restricted mobility who wish to shower themselves either standing or seated in a shower chair (chair as shown).Tern dimensions
Tray rotation reduces physical demands on the user and promotes single carer handling enabling effective full body cleansing.
Spend to save solution improves user and carer efficiency by reducing showering time by up to half.
Care Act compliant. Supports the users well-being and dignity and lessens the risk of carer related lifting injuries.

Space saving – requires no turning circle within the bathroom. Transition into a shower chair can be made away from the shower area.
Standard tray has a flat top surface for tiling down onto, or coved tray has tiling upstands which will accommodate wallboards or wall tiles.
Hot seam weld vinyl sheet flooring directly to the trays unique TRUESEAL2 watertight floor edge profile.

Soft start/stop electronic operation using wireless fob, with built-in safety time out. Can be used as a standard shower tray simply without using the wireless fob.
Flat, anti-slip surface for an assured underfoot grip, unlike a wetroom which is sloped.

Easy to install & maintenance free and has a 5 year guarantee.
Exclusively incorporates antibacterial protection ensuring a clean, safe surface.


The Tern level access shower tray, not only safeguards users with limited mobility, helping them to maintain their independence by allowing them to thoroughly shower themselves in complete safety, but the unique, electrically operated, rotating shower tray is a spend to save solution enabling effective full body cleansing.

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The Tern promotes single carer handling, eradicating the physical demands placed on the user and carer as well as reducing showering time by up to half.
Operated by a wireless fob, the Tern level access shower tray is suited for showering with or without a carers involvement. Should the user need to shower independently seated or in a shower chair, any transitions can be safely made beforehand, eliminating the chance of slipping, falls or of lifting injuries.

The uniqueness of the Tern rotating level access shower tray benefits both the user and the carers, and the rotating action is ideal even in the smallest of spaces providing space saving showering solutions that otherwise would not be achievable.